The most effective way to translate business strategy into reliable behavior practice 

Lead and influence the behavior of your team to effectively achieve your business OKR’s.

Developing the real-time ability to shift from instinctive reactions to an intentional response in the way you demonstrate leadership is the most effective way to translate business strategy into reliable behavior practice 

Attention: Executives, Leaders, Managers, Team Leads and HR professionals ... 

The Activated Leader program is the most effective way to translate business strategy into reliable and repeatable behavior in the workplace. 

If you are responsible for operations and rely on the ability of your managerial leaders to influence the behavior of team so that your business can achieve your Outcomes and Key Results, then the Activated Leader program is for you.

Developing the ability to shift from your natural instinctive reactions in the face of a emotionally charged situation, and be able to choose an intentional behavior response is the most effective way to translate business strategy into reliable and repeatable behavior practice in the work place.

Whether you are a executive leader, managing director, or team lead your ability to demonstrate effective leadership will dictate the quality of behaviors and actions you can expect from your teams.

Do you have a breakdown in effective leadership?

Have you had enough of the breakdown of communication between your leadership team and the frontline.   

Perhaps as a leader in the workplace who must rely on the behavior of others to achieve your key performance indicators you are familiar with frustration. With the people on the team, and what they do. With systems, and how people are just unable to follow them. With yourself, and the way that set yourself up for disappointment every time you hope for the best .. again. 

It doesn't take all that long for the frustration of disappointment to grow into anger.

I can't help but wonder of you are also familiar with dance of blame. Your team baling everything around them for not reaching the goals. The systems, the process, the equipment, the rest of the team ... it's never their fault, right?

In almost all places of work we find people losing control of their emotions. When the mistakes pile up and the frustrations have grown beyond what they can handle. This is often where the leader loses sight of their own responsibilities, taking on more than they can really handle, but all because they have to, right?  

It doesn't take long for over-responsibility to create a sense of overload. This is the seed-bed of overwhelm, where too many a leader loses control of their own emotional state. This is where instinct takes over in a stressed state of being and "good" people find themselves doing "bad" things that come to regret.    

Are you ready for the impact of an Activated Leader?

The Activated Leader is able to demonstrate high trust communication skills regardless of the situation they find themselves in. When you have developed the ability to shift from your instinctive reactions you will also know what it is like to be able to experience the calm control of your emotion emotions, even when people around you are loosing control of theirs.

With the Activated Leader protocols you will learn how to access a powerful state of being. From this elevated emotional state of peak performance the Activated Leader is able to access higher quality of thinking and demonstrate effective communication. Your team   

Developing real-time awareness of your emotional state so that you can shift from instinctive reactions, with the ability to select an intentional behavioral response, is the most effective way to develop reliable and repeatable behavior in your workplace.

This is the value add of the Activated Leader.

What do you get in the Activated Leader program?

Besides all the benefits described above, you will also get;
* Access to your own Executive Coaching Program which is made up a set of One-on-One Meta-Coaching conversations. 

* Access to a set of online resource conversations.

* The Activated Leader Protocols, a library of high performance behavior blueprints and prompts.       

Activated Coaching deletes often speak of improved self awareness, and an increase in their ability to practice self control. With this you may experience a marked improvement in your self confidence and  a noticeable improvement in your mental and emotional health. These traits are a great support to experiencing increased levels of resilience.      

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