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mindSHIFT 2.0 Group Coaching

Original price was: $4997,00.Current price is: $497,00.

This is your invitation to the first ever mindSHIFT Group Coaching program, with direct access to the most up-to-date mindSHIFT online training.

The program will consist of a Group Coaching Call that is supported by content made available MindShift online course.
Each module is made up of 3 content portions, and a resource for each.

Taking a look inside, the mindSHIFT course has 8 modules of pre-corded training content,

Module 1: Mindset – How to identify your mindset
In this section you will learn Mindset 101, What are beliefs, Neuro-plasticity and your natural ability to change.

Module 2: Identity – Why you struggle to change
In the section you will learn Invisible scripts and the story we live up to, Growth mindset and why its so important. and Frame of reference and how to change your set points.

Module 3: Self Talk – How to move beyond the analytical mind
In this section you will learn Why you’re caught in habit loops, Removing limiting beliefs, and How to create a new emotional set point.

Module 4: Meta-Cognition of Self Awareness – How not to be caught up in your past
In the section you will learn about Emotional literacy, Emotional regulation, and your Emotional home.

Module 5: Total Ownership – How to create and develop new patterns
In the section you will learn about Acceptance, The power of “yet”, and Mental Rehearsal.

Module 6: State – Energy-in-motion and how to leverage the mind-body connection
In the section you will learn about managing your state Through the body, Through the mind, and Through your language.

Module 7: Get Grit – How to leverage incremental progress
In the section you will learn about Building Perseverance, Developing Mastery, and Discipline.

Accountability [8] – How to set yourself up for lasting success
In the section you will learn about The value of shared celebration, The power of self-correction, and Context and Community.

mindSHIFT 2.0
Group Coaching offer

The Onboarding Sessions, at a value of 147 USD
The Group Coaching Calls, each at a value of  147 USD
Each Module has 3 sections, at a value of 97 USD
Each module has resource materials, at a value of 147 USD

The 8 modules of pre-recorded training content delivered through your access to the learning platform include;
Module 1: Mindset, Module 2: Identity, Module 3: Self-Talk, Module 4: Meta-Cognition of Self-awareness, Module 5: Total Ownership, Module 6: State Management,  Module 7: Get Grit, and Module 8:  Accountability.

That means you get access to the MindShift Mental Mastery Online program,  a value of 4680 USD
Plus the Level Up session, a value of 147 USD

Which is a value of 4,974 USD

with Bonus 1 = Discover Your Inner Authority, a value of 247 USD
with Bonus 2 = Activate your Personal Personal Power, a value of 247 USD
with Bonus 3 = Develop your Self Credibility with the Self Credibility Journal, a value of 247 USD

That is a total value of 5,715 USD

Available from TODAY
and for ONLY 497 USD
or until all the seats are taken.

Yes, you know what to do!