PRESS RELEASE : Trusted Business Adviser Opens Up His Famous 'Whiteboard Sessions'


International speaker and trusted business adviser opens up his famous 'Whiteboard Sessions' for emerging Speakers, Coaches and Trainers in the South African market.

09 September 2016. PRETORIA

Robin Pullen, trusted Business Adviser, Master Trainer and International Professional Public Speaker introduces his famous 'Whiteboard Sessions' to aspiring and emerging speakers, coaches and trainers.

Previously only available to his private clients and students of the Information Product Academy, the 90 minute strategic ideation conversation conducted face-to-face, will help delegates develop a road map of action and provide clarity and confidence to succeed.

As a consummate speaker, coach and trainer Mr Pullen understands that entrepreneurs in the professional development arena are never short of ideas. Often to the extent that they find themselves stuck in overwhelm, not knowing what to do next. They hesitate in their uncertainty trying desperately to identify which of their many ideas have the most value. Trapped in the anxiety of too many choices they continue to frustrate themselves with inaction. Until now. Robin Pullen's famous Whiteboard Sessions promises relief from this pain.

Described as the ultimate guide to finding "Your Best Next Step", the Whiteboard Sessions provide a process to discover the order of connections of ideas. Taking into account a person's passions and purpose, Robin Pullen will help the delegate identify the patterns of value, spot the links between their ideas and create a structure that they can work with to realize that value.

Cheryl Reum, seasoned entrepreneur and property specialist and 'Whiteboard Session' delegate had this to say "Robin is great in his ability to ferret out the stumbling blocks. (This is) a quick effective method to assist in moving forward. Highly recommended."

With a personalized map in hand speakers, coaches and trainers walk away from their 'Whiteboard Session' with the confidence of a clear understanding of their most valuable next steps. Today emerging coaches and aspiring trainers are turning the crisis of chaos into piece of mind as they begin to recognize and understand the bigger picture. Successful speakers are becoming more prominent with the assurance of their own personalized 'Whiteboard Session' map, providing a road map to for action on their Best Next Steps.

Robin Pullen is a Professional Public Speaker, Executive Coach, Trusted Adviser and Master Trainer helping people find clarity to get stuff done. As the Result Achievement Expert he specializes in organizational behavior management with an emphasis on desired behavior and a particular focus on reliable and effective work practice. Robin has been described as a understander of people based on his real world experience having developed a working understanding of why people do and do not do and has proven practical tactics and tools to unlock desired outcomes.

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Robin Pullen
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