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Inspiring and infectious, Robin Pullen has a warm dynamic presence that fills the room. A masterful speaker able to connect across a multitude of cultures, meeting each individual at their level. He leaves the listener inspired to be more and motivated to take massive action.

Yet Robin does not leave you there, he has developed the competence to empower people for change. Armed with the insights, technology and tactics that he has crafted through training more than 100'000 people in the first five years of his professional career, Robin is on a mission to activate 10 million people in the next ten years to action so that they can achieve more than they had imagined possible through personal, professional and business mastery.


“I believe there is more in you than you think, and with the right resources and support you are able to do more than you think or imagined.  

Experience has taught me that the answer to every challenge we face is closer than we realise, even if sometime more challenging than we think.

Yet I have seen hundreds of normal ‘everyday’ people like you and me, discover within them an ability to do what they once believed was the impossible.”

Robin Pullen

Who is Robin Pullen?

Robin Pullen is actively engaged in his mission to empower 10 Million People in the next Ten Years, so that they can discover that everything they need for success and significance already lies within their reach. 

At 15 he suffered a boating accident on the foreshore of Hartbeespoort Dam in the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountain range. Suffering a severe injury with a cut right through his calf muscle the attending doctor told him he would not be able to run normally again. Two years later he was back on his feet and competing in the prestigious Premier Hockey League, playing for his High School Old Boys Club men’s senior side, while still a grade eleven scholar at school.

“I can still remember the look on his face when I literally bumped into my physiotherapist on the basketball court at campus. At first all he could do was stare. Then after what felt like a few minutes he said it was like looking at a ghost. That I shouldn’t be able to run like this, never mind be playing such an aggressive sport out there on the court.”

At 30 he co-founded his first company and was told his training and development methods could not be done, and that the business model would never work. Less than two years later they had acquired their first of many international clients and he grew their business in staff and revenue over the next two months to more than what they had achieved in the previous two years combined.

Robin is considered a thought leader and behavior management expert who practices as a professional speaker and has worked with more than 100’000 people, all before he turned 40. As a trusted business advisor and executive business coach his clients have taken him with them into 9 countries across the African continent. His learning materials and training products have been translated into 13 languages including French, Malagasy, Mandarin and Swahili.

Today he has been described as an ‘understander’ of people. He knows why leaders get disconnected, why cultures remain divided and why people do not do what they say they would do. 

He has created a pragmatic solution for organizational behavior change based on social science called the Positive Conscious Contract system. This simple solution enables a connected business environment where the systems work and the use of resources are optimized.

Where does the story of Robin Pullen begin?

* Born 1975 in Pretoria, South Africa.

* Educated at the prestigious Pretoria Boys High School.

* 1990 Suffered a boating injury and was told by the doctor that he would probably not be able to run normally again.

* 1992 selected to play for the men's (PHOBIANS Old Boys Club) hockey side in the premier hockey league (PHL), this while still in grade 11 in high school.

* 1994 represented University of Pretoria (TUKS) in the PHL.

* 1994 debut on Radio TUKS campus radio.

* 1995 actively supported TUKS FM to build the FM studio and begin broadcasting on FM, one of the first community broadcasters in South Africa to be given a FM license.

* 1996 selected to coach the TUKS ladies team and went on to win their league.

* 2004 first contract for freelance team building and professional development.

* 2005 co-founded his own training and development company.

* 2007 made their first million rand business revenue.

* 2012 began traveling across the African continent as a thought leader in behavior management, invited as a trusted business advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs.

* 2013 helped a client achieve a productivity record in one month, for safety and sales, that matched what they had done the entire previous year.

* 2015 selected to be the National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA).

Robin Pullen facts

* Radio presenter - TUKS FM (Pretoria) and LINK FM (East London).

* Songwriter - finalist in the first local songwriter competition on LINK Fm community radio broadcaster, East London Eastern Cape.

* Performer of physical theatre (industrial theatre) performer and producer

* Playwright - written and produced 13 industrial theatre productions

* Training materials translated in Chinese (Mandarin), French, Malagasy, Sotho, ki Swahili, isi Xhosa and isi Zulu.

* The first The Dynamic Trainer TM trained in Africa by Laurie Kagan from Kagan Publishing and Professional Development.

* TEDx Speaker - TEDx Pretoria, November 2014.

* National President 2015, Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

What people say about Robin Pullen

* "These past few training sessions was the best teaching I have ever experienced. I have a new perspective on my approach. I have learned so many techniques and strategies, but I most valued the positive, realistic, non-judgmental dialogue between Robin and the delegates. The group bonding created an extremely effective place to share and learn." Marthe-Marie - Little Falls

* “You were on fire. You had my attention from the first minute to the last.” Robert, Warrior Security - Arusha, Tanzania.

* “Robin’s impact has been significant from the outset. His methodologies coupled with his professionalism, insights and coaching has taken our performance to a new level.” Grant, AfriSam - Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

* “It’s a shame we did not learn this in our younger days” Sam.

* “Robin has a natural gift, it feels real. He’s not there to be the star of the show but rather to teach everyone else on how to become the stars themselves.” Sanet, Cortell - Johannesburg.

* “He is a very effective speaker who has mastered the art of connecting with people with varying backgrounds.” Ali, Simba Cement - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

* “Real world help and advice, that comes from the heart. It just makes sense, not fluffy stuff like many others.” Glen, Warrior - Nairobi, Kenya.

* “Thank you for facilitating one of the most rewarding workshops I have ever participated in!” Francisca, The DTI TEO - Pretoria.

* “It has changed my entire thinking about life. I can see the paradigm shift, even in my own life.” Executive Coaching Client - Cape Town.

* “Well spoken, Robin. Truly Inspirational” Pamela, MRS JHB 2018 - Johannesburg.

* “Thank you so much for adding such value to the evening, Robin ” Colleen Qvist, COMENSA - Johannesburg. 

* “Thank you Robin. The experience, expertise and execution of your message hugely impacted my current mental script. I will be making a few much needed changes as a result” Natalie Soal - Johannesburg. 

* “Thank you Robin for very practical and inspiring insights...” Joan Laine - Johannesburg. 

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