How to shift from Instinctive REACTION 
to Intentional RESPONSE



In the book 'Get Activated -

How to shift from instinctive reactions to intentional responses' 

inspirational speaker and master trainer Robin Pullen explains how you can learn to process your feelings (emotions), consider your thoughts (thinking), get in touch with your physiological (sensation) response and unpack your emotion-related behavior (actions) so that you can decode your shift from an instinctive reactions to be able to select an intentional response in any given situation.

Based on insights from his international experience as a behavior management expert, Robin shows you how to unlock your Activated Intelligence (Ai) using the H3 (head-heart-hand) triad as you will learn how to leverage your emotion and develop the H3 habits of the Activated life.

This book will teach you how to;

- Consider the *situation you are in.

- Identify the *stimulus that has triggered you.

- Acknowledge the *response that it is pulling you to.

- Accept the set of *beliefs that do not serve you.

- Recognize the *behavior that is sabotaging you.

- Establish the *value and what is important to you.

- Engage *cognitive arousal and apply *rational thought.

- Regulate your *emotional related responses.

- Consciously select an *intentional H3 response.

Get Activated by Robin Pullen


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